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by:HMB     2021-01-30
Good friends we have, carter excavators accessories store to meet you again. Recently we saw plenty of examples of apprentice learning drivers, some very hard, some are lazy, and so on. Actually, in our opinion, how do apprentice is to work hard, not three days fishing two days the net, if you want to learn well is to learn by heart, don't think all day, the teacher don't arrange boot makes sense to you, you have to understand them a lot! Great oaks grow from little acorns, first to learn basic, as high as I want, experience are accumulated slowly, not everyone was born of walking, so we do apprentice must remember, diligence, studious, honest, want to know the resolve to return favors. There are also some apprentice is like this, teacher taught him all things, the last apprentice feel here at the master did not learn, he went quietly, the apprentice is best not to teach. There's a phrase said & other; Ungrateful people more pain than the viper's teeth bite the heart & throughout; Some is such, want to learn the drivers, again afraid can't eat bitter, do a little bit dirty and too dirty and idle tired, still complain about all day long, in fact, we should put their own state of mind is good, you think about your parents day haven't get up dawn cook breakfast for you, and then go to the vegetable field pick vegetables come back, again to go to work, but you still in bed sleeping saliva are wet with the quilt all don't know, and all of your parents to do so much is for you, now we have a little bitter, tired a little bit of what? So we do apprentice, let the children's understanding of parents and teacher! Carter excavators accessories stores here, I wish you all apprentices start at an early date, our China construction meimei!
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