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by:HMB     2021-01-24
Carter excavators, hydraulic oil temperature is high, is our very headache thing, not only to cause a decline in carter excavators working efficiency, also can seriously affect our carter accessories. If the whole vehicle hydraulic components is in a state of high temperature for a long time, the other accessories carter will sharply shorten service life. So we must find out the reason. For carter excavators, generally when the hydraulic oil temperature is 50 - 80 degrees, the hydraulic oil viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance are at their best, work efficiency is the highest. When the hydraulic oil temperature over 95 degrees, carter excavators efficiency drops, action is slow, serious when still can't work. Hydraulic oil temperature is not only loss of mechanical efficiency, but also a serious threat to the accessories carter's safety and life. Can solve the hydraulic oil temperature is too high from the hydraulic tank of the radiator, hydraulic system, hydraulic oil, the driver to check operation. The hydraulic oil temperature have a lot of reasons. To control the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil temperature is very important to the normal range. As a main excavators are emphasized the correct use and maintenance, the phenomenon of the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, should be timely screening and troubleshooting, to ensure the excavator normal and stable operation.
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