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by:HMB     2021-01-29
A well-worn failure, believe that many carter excavators owners are met, that is carter excavators oil into the water. After the oil into the water, if not timely treatment can cause serious consequences, such as excavator carter engine crankshaft, connecting rod important components, such as deformation, cause the engine jitter, more serious will make the engine scrap. Carter excavators oil water how should we know earlier? How do we go to find the cause of the oil into the water? Let's listen to the teacher simply explain! Carter excavators oil into the water that is a very serious fault, if not processing will cause the engine discarded as soon as possible. Above the water leaks out of the many places, the engine of water plugging water this is normal fault, due to the corrosion of the scale of water plugging embroidery, cooling water will enter oil from waterways, until the oil pan, so we always check the water plugging. Carter excavators oil radiator damage, the water will seep into the oil radiator outside inside, leading to the oil into the water. Carter excavators of cylinder liner if there is a crack, water also will soon through the crack into the oil pan, this will make the oil to bleach, poor oil and white leads to engine combustion, white smoke, such as failure occurs, in the general case, carter excavators of cylinder liner is not prone to crack, but if we don't have good maintenance, there likely cylinder liner crack phenomenon. Carter excavators oil we can so to see the water, we can through the color is very easy to determine whether the oil in the containing water. Do not contain moisture is translucent oily oil of bright color, and oil containing water can appear opaque brown or yellow. Carter excavators oil water failure we can through to the oil of the appearance of the color of the oil oil level height, observation of the oil cooling fluid from several aspects such as to determine whether the oil into the water. When the engine intake, don't start secondary carter excavators, we need to have professional maintenance master of engine internal water to clean, then we will check the water from where come in!
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