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by:HMB     2021-01-28
Carter generator set accessories battery there is no use for a long time, the need for appropriate charge before use and ensure the normal use of the battery capacity. At ordinary times our technical staff will make in the process of normal operation and charging generator set accessories carter battery inside part of the water evaporated, so, when you need often on generator set accessories carter battery rehydration, before we rehydration is the dirt around to filling the mouth clean, prevent dirt falling into the inside, and then open the sprue, adding suitable amount of distilled water or pure water, do not add too full, otherwise carter generator set accessories battery discharge or charge, the electrolyte will be poured out of the overflow of the filling mouth hole, around the object, the environment of corrosion damage. Carter is prime mover diesel generator sets, and drag a power device of the synchronous generator power generation. This is a kind of starting fast, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment, to adapt to the environment performance strong power systems. Avoid generating set accessories carter battery unit start in low temperature, low temperature environment capacity of the battery will not be able to normal output, and could cause long time discharge battery failure. Standby generator battery should be recharging the battery maintenance regularly, can be equipped with the charger. Our daily for generator set accessories carter battery maintenance, prior to the start, first check whether the charge is normal. If the multimeter, measure after starting the engine, the battery voltage at the poles must be more than 13 v is normal, found that the charging voltage is too low, you need to ask professional maintenance charging system. Open the generator set accessories carter battery cover, water to see if the water level in the normal position, generally on the battery side there will be a lower limit of marking for your reference. If it is found that water level below the line, it is necessary to add distilled water, if it take less than distilled water, filtered water. You may use for emergency. Do not add too much water, the standard is added to the line up and down the middle. Often with a damp cloth to scrub the generator set accessories carter battery outside, on the panel, the pile head of dust, oil, white powder leakage caused by dirt easily wipe clean. Such scrubbing away carter generator accessories battery pile head won't product acid corrosion of white powder. Its service life is long.
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