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by:HMB     2021-01-22
More than ten minutes of long low idle speed or light can damage carter generator set accessories. Because fuel combustion chamber can't complete combustion. This will cause the generator set accessories carter injector hole and adhesion around the piston ring to form a carbon deposit and cause the valve. If carter generator set accessories coolant temperature is lower than 60 degrees, the unburned fuel will wash away the cylinder wall lubricating oil, and make the generator set accessories carter crankcase oil dilution. The dilution of the fuel content will affect the quality of the lubricating oil, and shorten the generator set accessories carter life, try to shorten the idle time to prevent this happening. Carter generator under the load operation, as the lengthen of time, can appear the carter generator piston cylinder seal is bad, the oil is up, into the combustion chamber combustion, exhaust blue smoke; For generator set accessories carter supercharged, due to low load, light, low pressure boost. Easily resulting in a decline in the sealing effect of the turbocharger oil seal, engine oil into the generator set accessories carter pumping chamber, along with the air inlet into the cylinder. Up to carter generator set accessories part of the cylinder oil burning, part of the oil can't complete combustion, the generator set accessories carter valve, inlet, piston, piston ring and carbon deposit formation, and part with the exhaust. This generator set accessories carter exhaust passage will gradually accumulate the oil cylinder, also can form carbon deposit. Load operation for a long time, will be more serious lead to carter generating set in the moving parts wear, generator set accessories carter burning overhaul period of early consequences such as environmental degradation. Therefore carter generating set for both the naturally aspirated and turbocharged models stress should be reduced by the use of low load and no-load running time, and cannot under minimum load generator set accessories carter the percentage of the rated power.
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