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by:HMB     2021-01-29
Carter diesel generators as a fault after the blackout emergency providers, in the case of most of the time is in standby state, once the power requires that carter generator & other Up, up for & throughout; , otherwise the standby generator set carter will lose its significance. In order to be in an emergency situation & other; Up, up for & throughout; , we need to strengthen the daily maintenance of generator set accessories carter, this is the most economic and effective method. For a long period of static generator set accessories, carter will itself in all kinds of accessories carter and engine oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, so as to put the bad the carter generator set accessories. There are a lot of carter generator fault and many serious accidents, often because of a little maintenance caused by negligence and lack of professional inspection. Generator set accessories such as: carter diesel oil storage tank, may occur due to the change of water vapour in the atmosphere in the temperature condensation phenomenon, and form a water attached to the tank wall, into the diesel oil, diesel fuel moisture content exceeds bid, the diesel generator set accessories high pressure oil pump into carter, will rust inside important accessories carter, severely damaged, avoid this way we can be regular maintenance. Standby power generation group purchase equipment is to nip in the bud, equipment is needed to be able to run, can be solved. For generator set accessories carter is the importance of correct maintenance and check of self-evident, while the correct inspection and maintenance need to possess professional knowledge and rich experience of the staff to carry out, many users of the operating personnel have been the simple training, but as a result of training learning are some shallow operating common sense, and no experience, for the discovery of hidden trouble and equipment failure in advance, these are the general operator can't do it. A professional so carter generator set accessories for professional maintenance and check is right.
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