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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Oil is a shelf life, after a long time will reduce performance, accelerates the carter accessories of wear and tear. Engine oil by high temperature operation within the engine, its physical and chemical properties will change, and the mechanical properties will change too. The impurity in the engine running after a long time, the oil will increase, increases the carter parts wear rate. No oil change on time will result in low oil pressure failure. And low oil pressure is the most direct consequence will cause various carter half dry friction or dry friction between parts, engine now clear sound, serious when still can cause burning tile. No oil change on time will appear the following results in the decrease of oil pressure, oil storage too little, caused no oil or less oil lubrication system, oil dirty or sticky carter accessories oil pump oil can not be effective breath, pump, oil dilute or caused by high temperature in the engine oil is thinning, will leak from the engine of the friction pair clearance. Don't change oil in time, also can bring the problem of high oil pressure. And oil pressure is too high can cause carter accessories gasoline filter premature failure, carbon deposition and other faults in the engine cylinder. Also makes the life of the engine. No oil change on time will lead to sludge increased, and sludge increase will cause the clogging in carter accessories filter and oil hole, resulting in the engine lubrication difficulties, increased engine wear and tear. The most serious consequence is the wear and tear engine various carter accessories, such as the piston and cylinder. Once the piston and cylinder appear problem, so the machine is in need of major repair, and overhaul is each owner did not want to see that happen. Oil change on time is very important, if not timely replacement will accelerate wear accessories carter, affect the service life, and even lead to machine overhaul, is more serious is that if suddenly appeared in the process of working cylinder can lead to problems such as safety accidents, so check the oil and the change in time it is very important.
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