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by:HMB     2021-01-29
Many customers don't know carter generator use what to do before, today we are going to look at the Lao shifu is what to do. Check whether carter generator parts surface is clean before using, the anchor nut, flywheel bolts and other generator set accessories carter moving parts nut is loose, found fastening in time when you have loose phenomenon. Carter generator parts of each cylinder in the decompression, rotate the crankshaft inspection to each cylinder generator set accessories carter sound operation have the same ring, crankshaft whether freely, at the same time to carter generator parts oil pump into a friction surface. And then close the relief agencies, shaking the crankshaft, check whether carter generator set accessories cylinder gas leakage, if feel very arduous, shaking generator set accessories carter crankshaft said compression is normal. Check the generator parts accessories carter clearance is correct, especially a careful examination of the inlet and exhaust valve clearance. Carter generator also want to check the condition of the fuel oil supply system. Let's have a look at the generator set accessories carter fuel tank cover vent is smooth, if the hole in the dirt should be cleared away. To join the diesel is in compliance with the requirements of the brand, the amount of oil is enough, and open the oil circuit switch. Open the generator set accessories carter rocking-turn crankshaft pressure reducing valve mechanism, each generator set accessories carter cylinder should have the clear spray voice, said injection well. If heard injection not to oil, may be because the generator set accessories carter there is air in the oil, at this time to unscrew generator set accessories carter diesel oil filter and fuel injection pump vent screw, to eliminate oil in the air. Look at the generator set accessories carter tubing joints with and without oil leakage phenomenon, timely processing solutions to problems found. Carter generator has a water tank, we first take a look at before we start generator set accessories carter, adequacy of cooling water tank if water shortage, should add feet clean soft water. By the way, check whether there is any leakage phenomenon on generator set accessories carter joint pipe, hair problems timely processing. So carter genset before commissioning still have a lot of things need to check, we don't be lazy, the inspection will check!
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