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by:HMB     2021-01-29
Carter excavators engine oil burning is a serious fault. Burn oil oil in the engine combustion chamber is involved in the combustion with mixture. Carter excavators to burn oil to cause a decline in engine performance and emissions, the inside of the engine accessories carter will be severely mechanical damage, the consumption of oil will be excessive. Engine oil burning reasons tend to be more complicated, let's analysis of several common causes of burning oil! The inside of the engine accessories carter piston ring and cylinder liner wall excessive wear, lead to fit clearance is too large, the oil is up into the cylinder. Air filter for carter parts for a long time without replacement and cleaning up, causing the dust particles in the air into the cylinder, wear the carter accessories cylinder piston. We in the inferior diesel oil may also be impurity formation within the cylinder, cylinder wear. Carter accessories air filter clogging the engine air intake is not unobstructed, reduced combustion chamber inlet pressure, negative pressure is too large, the oil in the combustion chamber, causing the oil consumption. Carter accessories supercharger, valve seal is damaged, untight seal, engine oil with the admission passage into the cylinder. Carter accessories piston ring installation errors, the piston ring if improperly installed, will cause the phenomenon that part of the oil pump oil into the combustion chamber of piston and be burned off, and it also can aggravate the wear and tear. Carter excavators oil we also want to change in time, the impurity in the oil, lubrication performance, increase cylinder wear and accessories carter piston ring seal effect. Carter excavators to burn oil with carter accessories have a close relationship, we usually want to use the correct label in accordance with the specifications of engine oil and diesel oil, and oil change regularly, avoid the use of inferior oil. Regular inspection and cleaning accessories carter valve oil seal, supercharger oil seal. Regular cleaning, replacement accessories carter air filter. If the diesel engine burning oil case, testing should be timely maintenance, to avoid the diesel engine condition worsens, causing a greater loss!
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