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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Sorching summer's coming, drivers high temperature has been confused us, today we carter excavators accessories stores, like some return an awareness of some processing methods about drivers high temperature, hope these methods can help the owner to all of you! Water temperature high look at the machine son not to tow the nose, if the drag is adjust the hydraulic pump flow, don't drag it out first hydraulic pump, to continue to check other again. High temperature will follow high hydraulic oil temperature, whole vehicle action will slow down. Water temperature is high, the Lao shifu summary to us for the following reasons: 1. Im engine cylinder pad is broken, such as machine cooler when open the tank cover check for bubble, pin hole have pressure to come up with the palm; 2. Check the radiator, look at the inside and outside any blockage, or broken, this is relatively simple, clogged can clean, bad will replace a; 3. Check the fan fan hakaze enough force, the pump if you have any questions, open the tank cover and see the speed of water flow; 4. Check engine internal water smaller or slow, like we drain the engine waterway, much garbage will be blocked or running water is not smooth, like this only to be check apart the engine; 5. Hydraulic pump head, high water temperature are also will follow high oil temperature, how much their hydraulic oil dirty, open the hydraulic tank check screen plugging no plugging; 6. Do you have any questions to check their water thermometer temperature probe. These are our carter excavators accessories stores to return to, hope to be able to help you, let these problems don't confused us, such as wrong, or hope you return, you need to add the old-timers welcome call or leave a message!
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