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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Carter excavators crawler like our shoes. Crawler excavator carter equipment should be extensive, which is part of our crawler excavator carter walking device. Since the carter excavators are generally in more bad environment construction, caterpillar become loose, damage, fracture and so on failure is inevitable. There are many causes of the crawler damage. Our carter excavators are working in a very bad environment, work area is uneven, under the condition of the terrain, carter excavators crawler walking improper, the body weight will tend to be local, local pressure, a certain local damage on track, it will appear loose problem. When carter excavators turn, including the crawler walk, the other side of the tracks, a large rotary motion, if the tracks were raised on the ground part of the block, the track on one side of the card to the rotation, caterpillar will be easy to strain. Carter excavators can not like a car driving on the road too long, the driver need to pay special attention to point, crawler excavator carter can't walk time is too long, so not only can cause great damage to track, will also affect the service life of the equipment, therefore, carter excavators must master a degree of walking. When we walk in, there will be some gravel or mud into the carter excavators crawler, if not promptly removed before walking, gravel with crawler running and squeezed between the driving wheel, and guide wheel and track, time is long can make loose carter excavators crawler, also can cause fracture phenomenon such as caterpillar.
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