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by:HMB     2021-01-24
Many machines run for a long time can appear all sorts of problems, one is the general carter excavators owner we all hate failure - Burning oil. Carter excavators to burn oil refers to oil in job losses than with the same model carter excavators oil loss is high, and with have blue black smoke phenomenon appeared in the homework. Carter excavators to burn oil is one of the serious fault, we came to know that what's going on today. Carter excavators to burn oil fault also points a lot: startup glows blue smoke, go out a lot of blue smoke, oil discharge a lot of blue smoke, consume beyond the normal requirements. Under carter excavators to burn oil exhaust line of blue smoke black smoke, observed the oil consumption is more than usual, that carter excavators to burn oil is likely to be piston ring wear, valve clearance, valve guide clearance, the piston causes such as installation errors. If burn oil occurred phenomenon is accompanied by some of the exhaust drip phenomenon, is likely to be due to piston ring wear or fracture. We should correctly use the oil, according to the request of carter excavators corresponds to the choose and buy, type of oil viscosity, and with the seasons change or different areas reasonable selection of engine oil, diesel engine diesel engine oil must be used, do not use gasoline engine oil replacement, different brand, different type of oil do not mix.
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