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by:HMB     2021-01-24
In some calling hydraulic drivers drivers. Hydraulic drivers will have the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil it can anti-wear, lubrication, cooling, etc. Function. Turn black in our carter drivers above the hydraulic oil for two reasons, one is metal impurities, the other is caused by our work environment, our drivers sealing is not good, there will be outside pollutants enter into the hydraulic oil tank. Metal impurity is how to? In our hydraulic pump under the condition of high speed, rotating out of wear debris. Carter had just bought a new drivers, in particular, because is the new machine, the equipment running in time will produce large amounts of iron, we have at the time of replacement of hydraulic oil tank of the hydraulic oil inside all empty, after using new oil circulation circulation system, with cotton cloth to wipe clean all tank and add fresh oil, if not, there are probably huge quantities of scrap iron residue in the tank, can also lead to new oil polluted and black. To certain parts of the affected by the outside world must be our no seal, at the time of our matching accessories carter, we want to buy the right parts, so that our drivers carter seal is better, so we would not be polluted by the outside of the hydraulic oil and turned black. Equipped with pure carter accessories carter CTP stores, please!
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