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by:HMB     2021-01-23
A drivers hundreds of thousands of, how do you maintain? Or buy back is to change the maintenance parts, other all don't do? Today we carter excavators accessories stores asked some Lao shifu, how see Lao shifu is maintenance. Maintenance of drivers is not just change the maintenance! Our drivers like cars. Car wash the car wash outside, inside the guts of wash, wash inside the cab, drivers is not exceptional also, wash the drivers more than car trouble. I believe that few people go to wash the drivers, but often care for the drivers, so I'm sure he is a very like drivers, and his drivers is rarely a problem. Actually wash drivers within the block, everyone is a little afraid to wash. Internal cleaning all main concern was the circuit problem, afraid after washing a dozen not on fire, or something bad, you don't worry about this, so long as the water will not rush to the computer version, and one more thing is, must wait for drivers cold machine can wash, because you think about it, a person who suddenly very hot, suddenly turned cold do you think you are so ready for it? So we remember to remember, such as machine engine cold wash again. Many older drivers will ask, why to wash so clean? Because of the summer, all kinds of high temperature also can appear, drivers there is too much dust will have very big effect to drivers heat dissipation, and some have oil has great may be a fire, so we must be careful, ready to prevent summer! Carter excavators accessories stores here remind each machinist: summer is coming, want to do a good job of heat with drivers, their work also need to be careful!
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