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by:HMB     2021-01-30
In excavator engine has a lot of seal, the seal to prevent leakage, water leakage, oil leakage, between plane on the cylinder head and cylinder is equipped with a sealing gasket gasket. The head gasket has played a very big on sealing function, it can in the combustion chamber under high temperature and high pressure gas not leaking from the cylinder pad, can guarantee inside the cylinder cooling circulating water, the oil will not the gasket seal leakage, and gasket subjected to corrosion of oil, gas, water, so the gasket material requirements is very high, if in the process of using improper installation and repair, often burning head gasket failure happens. Cylinder pad to use time is too long, but also will lose elasticity, does not work or install cylinder pad direction is wrong, cannot have the effect of sealing, or installing a cylinder pad in both sides of the mat with butter, engine work, part of butter melting heat loss, after part was burned carbon deposit formation, reduce cylinder pad pressure or clearance, untight seal. For excavator gasket ablation suggests that as long as the standardized operation, pay attention to details, improve the quality of cylinder assembly to improve the quality of all kinds of accessories, reduce cylinder pad ablation failure, prolong the service life of cylinder pad is can do it. Another is carter excavators to carter accessories required quality is very high, so we buy accessories carter, must buy right. Like carter drivers work in such a bad situation, we only have good maintenance, it will be better service for you!
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