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by:HMB     2021-01-28
You may encounter all kinds of fault when driving excavator, I think the most common should be out of the car. A lot of carter excavators are dry live, every day have to wait for the user's phone or user comes to work, if this time out of excavator car is really don't know how worried. Carter excavators, some of the reasons for out of the car, the car won't lead to hit most of the reasons is the cause of the circuit. So how to determine is circuit causes not car? Circuit failure out of the car in carter accessories ignition switch no reaction or start the motor speed is too low, can feel the feeling weak. If it is appear out of the two phenomena that can be roughly determined to be a fault starting circuit, then, how to troubleshoot? Check circuit can begin from fountainhead, first check the carter accessories battery pile head, clean up the storage battery pile head, again the pile head screw tight tight, many carter excavators because carter accessories battery pile head is loose, lead to poor contact, the voltage is not enough. Conditional owners can use the multimeter voltage test battery voltage. If carter accessories battery without fault, the next step is to check line down the battery line to check it again, observe whether there is a broken line or connector is loose. In addition to the cause of the circuit, oil is also a common cause of no car, so, how do you judge oil failure is out of the car? If the unscrewed the start key can hear carter accessories start motor, powerful position and engine and no abnormal mechanical friction sound, then can be roughly judged to be the cause of the oil. First to check whether there is oil tank, we may feel incredible this step, but in fact, because there was no oil tank and out of the car users. Look at accessories carter did oil-water separator drain, if just use the product quality is not high, they may be due to diesel too much water to be launched. If after inspection found circuit and oil are no problem, then it is possible that the engine produces mechanical failure. General carter diesel engine mechanical failure probability is low, but in the event of mechanical failure is faced to overhaul engine, common engine mechanical failure are carter accessories cylinder, tile burning, dao cylinder, and so on, generally engine mechanical problems are precursors, such as engine suddenly unable to running in normal operation, or the total smoke and have a sound operating and so on.
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