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by:HMB     2021-01-22
When I was a child see carter excavators so excited. There is a chance let me try. Drive friends all know that the accelerator too big, the car didn't run fast. And cars can according to the throttle opening and transmission gear constantly adjust speed switch, so carter excavators have gas? This question makes me confused for many years, today finally found the answer! No throttle carter excavators is not actually, but its power is not the same as the car, not the accelerator pedal, but the gas knobs or throttle lever. Why carter excavators accelerator to this design? It is because the carter excavators, generally adopts full hydraulic pressure control system, this approach does not need time to adjust the engine speed, hydraulic pump will automatically changes according to the pressure inside the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump flow, and the opening of the operating handles can also adjust the flow within the hydraulic system, so the engine stability at certain rotating speed, carter excavators movement speed is determined by the pump control system and the opening of the handle. Throttle control lever like car is to adjust the engine speed. This just like the faucet, home of the tap water meter location will have a master switch, and after receiving the bathroom will have separate faucets. Master switch is opened, no matter how old the opening, the bathroom faucet can adjust the water flow velocity, but always open the switch, the greater the faucet the greater the range of flow rate adjustment. On carter excavators, throttle control lever is equivalent to a water meter on the side of the main switch, the pump control system and the opening of the handle is equivalent to the tap. Carter excavators of throttle opening, the greater the hydraulic pressure system flow can increase overall, excavator movement speed range is bigger, so that each action can be faster!
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