Carter high quality replacement parts, four matching engine, excavator parts, carter machinery repair kits

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Response to the national environmental protection policy, our construction machinery excavator carter engine emissions also more and more advanced, from direct injection into the efi engine we more and more. There are a lot of carter excavators owners complain that carter efi engine failure rate is too high, and high maintenance cost, use cost is high. Efi engine structure is complex, improper use, maintenance, easy to malfunction, and even lead to damages system. In order to avoid these problems, we should do it: use standard fuel, eliminate inferior fuel. Now a lot of carter excavators are used for high pressure common rail technology, high pressure common rail technology can provide ultra high injection pressure and more accurate injection quantity. But high precision components for fuel quality requirement is very high, especially in the fuel injector is sensitive to the impurity in the fuel oil and water. So we should choose a regular gas station brands and quality fully meet the requirements of diesel. Regularly replace the filter element. Carter excavators efi engine with fuel coarse filter, fine filter, oil-water separator filter device, the device is very important to maintain the purity of the diesel. Therefore, must be replaced periodically in accordance with the relevant provisions of these filters, keeping the diesel high cleanliness, otherwise once the engine fuel injection system is damaged, repair replacement will be a big cost. Future engineering machinery market, the popularity of carter excavators diesel engine electronically controlled fuel injection system will greatly speed up the progress. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of efi engine can effectively avoid unnecessary trouble, reduce losses at the same time can guarantee the working efficiency.
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