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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Overhaul engine we can understand for, let drivers heavy shine bright, back to the top. We when assembling these accessories carter, it is important to note that some parts are very easy to carter put wrong, or wrong. Overhaul of the engine, we put wrong or the wrong one accessories, probably we will Bai Xiu overhaul. Today we take a look at what accessories carter is easy to misplace or installed backwards. In carter engine machine, some parts can be installed on both sides of carter, have a plenty of no positioning carter accessories, if a little careless, or the wrong easily. Here specially to ask, therefore, the repair or replacement parts, carter should be taken into consideration seriously. Cylinder cushion: assembly, there are edge side should be toward the cylinder cover; If installed backwards, can early leak, burning in cylinder pad, affect the service life. The top of the piston at the top of the u-shaped groove or peach shape towards pointed side should be above; If put wrong, does not favor the fuel and air mixing, has not yet been burning fuel does not produce secondary vortex motion and incomplete combustion, the diesel engine starting or starting to work after not normal. All oil seal, oil seal, such as crankshaft oil seal, starting shaft oil seal, etc. , should be made with the spring side toward the body. If installed backwards, inside the crankcase untight seal, oil leakage. This is put accessories carter against the consequences of, we must be attention. A humble carter accessories may let you drivers into a pile of scrap metal. Got poor quality parts and engine Bai Daxiu carter, a good engine overhaul parts, you can get more benefit for you!
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