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by:HMB     2021-01-24
Oil seal oil seal, listen to the name that is used to seal oil, the oil leak out. Seal is to guarantee the normal work of the hydraulic system the most basic and most important device, the hydraulic and pneumatic system in most of the leakage is caused by seal failure, in excavator engine because of the high temperature, burning, cracks, the oil seal will often have the seal of the mechanical damage and so on questions. Today we first to analyze the excavator oil seal burns in what the reason is. Inside when we run the engine, the system will be left in the residual air inside operation, produce sealant gathered in seal compressed air warming carbide, another is the material of the seal oil seal that is not good, also will be very easy to burn, or damage. In order to avoid these, we in the cylinder before starting, as far as possible all the air in cylinder, cylinder starting, don't turn to high-speed immediately. When we buy to replace the oil seal, also should pay attention to not to buy the inferior oil seal, a drivers hundreds of thousands of, don't buy the things quality is bad make hundreds of thousands of into tens of thousands of dollars. Especially the machine Lord carter, carter accessories in our market, appear too many high copy goods, we have to polish eyes see what is good accessories carter!
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