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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Filter is our diesel engine is equipped with above. Some owners can make diesel engine better filtration, will put a filter, so that the dust into the engine clutter will be a lot less. These accessories carter filter effect is very big, they can prevent the fuel system congestion, reduce wear and tear, carter spare parts to ensure that the engine can stable operation. Carter excavators running enough time, we will replace the carter accessories filter, of course, we will according to our fuel quality levels for different mastering the change of time. When we carter excavators filter pressure alarm or indicated pressure is not normal, need to check the filters if there was any abnormal phenomenon, so we need to immediately change immediately, we will always pay attention to the carter accessories, especially on the construction site we add fuel, many of them are poor quality, and some water contains much more special, we're going to pay attention to this, we must on time every day put carter accessories oil-water separator of water inside, so that we can ensure that carter excavators in the workplace can stable operation. Machine more old more we will use high quality filter, bad old carter parts of engine maintenance is easy to wear and scuffing. So old equipment are in need of more high-quality filter to stabilise wear gradually upgrade, so that it can maintain the performance of the engine. If you use inferior carter accessories, not only can prolong the service life of the engine, still can let your engine scrap in advance, or still need to spend large sum of cost for maintenance.
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