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by:HMB     2021-01-24
Like carter excavators there are two kinds of common stall, the first is the excavator work has stalled, the second is the load is too big, suppress stalled, the two are very common! In carter drivers automatically shut down reasons, lack of fuel flameout, drivers have leaked oil spill oil, fault injection. But it could be added the diesel is not clean, suggest replace diesel oil filter, then correct the nozzle. Carter drivers to shut down any need to check the following, the first thing to check the drivers for the oil, check whether the oil is smooth, oil have blocked, we suggest that the change is so filter, fuel filter cleaning, check the diesel pump, then check the homework is due to launch the captain carter time, lead to motor overload or engine overheating, carter and carter engine started self protection function. Like carter drivers appear this kind of circumstance to replace the filter element that is a lot of consumption, so buy accessories carter, please come to our carter accessories store, we main carter series engine parts, all of the most beautiful carter drivers with our quality and original as carter accessories, from now on you of carter drivers can provide better service for you!
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