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by:HMB     2021-01-22
See this title, we know that to write is the issue of excavator in walking. When we were walking excavator can only appear side, it is very trouble, just like our people, had a broken leg is very inconvenient. Drivers appear these problems, we will have a look at the drivers have to suppress the phenomenon of the car, car drivers suppress if accompanied by a phenomenon that may be hydraulic system problems, the need to debug the distributing valve and pump, transferred to the data must match can eliminate the problem of drivers walk side walk! Drivers appear such problem we have to find the cause of the problem, we can suit the remedy to the case. First of all, each different drivers, we have to say with maintenance master understand. Walking excavator normal pressure is 340, when a walk, we must check the pressure value, if the pressure value is wrong, is about to adjust. If drivers walk pressure value is normal, may be drivers plunger pump or drivers walking speed solenoid valve problems cause drivers to walk side, in addition, drivers walk walk pressure switch problem, can't possible to avoid the phenomenon of! Drivers appear the phenomenon of walking the walk is also a significant portion of our maintenance does not reach the designated position, only the maintenance on the site, the site doesn't pay attention to maintenance will soon appear these problems, so we must pay attention to maintenance of construction machinery. Like carter drivers these & other Cars & throughout; More attention should be paid to us, and we choose accessories carter, should choose good, can keep up with the quality, so our drivers can adapt to all kinds of engineering, carter can better service for you!
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