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by:HMB     2021-01-30
Carter drivers engineering machinery & other; The king & throughout; As the & other; The king & throughout; We work at ordinary times is very attention. In our drivers with a slewing mechanism, the slewing mechanism can let our excavator 360 degrees of rotation, which made up of many parts, it is very important to have several parts, rotary motor, slewing ring gear, rotary center section, reducer, etc. Many machines working for a long time there will be wear and tear, but we can maintain good service for you more for a long time, today we'll see how carter drivers slewing mechanism correct maintenance. Our carter drivers on the big wheel must maintain good, when our machines use time grew, rotary center section of the sealing ring can appear aging, once work in rainy days, rain will be along the rotary center section leak place to seep into the inside, so for a long time will cause wheel water, will be serious shorten the life of gear ring of drivers and to prevent this, we can buy accessories carter to seal, replace with leaves to prevent it from the water, and we often should give it a butter and check, if discover water phenomenon, we immediately get it clean. The rotation of the motor is also very important, we motor with lubricating oil, we see in our daily, in some cases will be found abnormal decrease of lubricating oil, then we'll open and see our lubricants have leaked. Carter machinery, in the engineering industry is the pursuit of each owner! In our industry, carter drivers its strong arms to we build a more beautiful motherland, carter accessories, make our carter drivers changed into the new parts and can be on the battlefield!
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