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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Excavator is a universal machine, can dig a hole, can tear open room, can break the hard stone, everything it does not block the way forward. In our drivers with a tool called broken hammer, hammer is one of the most commonly used fittings drivers, the demolition, mine, city construction, our drivers often need to use hammer. If we use the hammer method is not appropriate, not only delay the construction period, also it is easy to put our addled drivers, there will need to change to a variety of accessories, carter in the carter accessories is easy, but hammer was broken that is to let people have a headache. So how do we use hammer? As well as drive a car before, before the hammer construction, to around the car to check it. The first thing to check if there's any loose for high and low pressure hose broken hammer, check other places at the same time for the oil. In addition, also want to check the inside of the broken hammer nitrogen pressure situation. Before the hammer work, placing vertical steel on the gouge, open again after confirm the stability of steel hammer. During the crushing operations also to ensure the steel is perpendicular to the smitten object at any time; If the hitting surface tilt, steel sliding partial likely, can damage the hammer drill steel and piston. Broken hammer, steel moment matters by hitting objects. If smitten object is broken, please immediately stop beating, empty play can make steel, flat pin, steel block, block, bolt rod before have caused serious damage. Steel's role is limited to vertical strike, don't move the stones with drill rod, because the light is bent drill rod, heavy will hurt the internal structure of broken hammer. As long as pay attention to the above, we dig opportunity with longer, hammer will be better. Let's say goodbye to repair the machine all day or change carter fittings, safeguard their drivers let we leave their homeland more beautiful!
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