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by:HMB     2021-01-22
In a carter excavators, the engine is the core of the largest accessories. There are many parts and engine, engine life long depends on the following factors: first, the quality of the cylinder liner is carter excavators, the second installation precision of the cylinder liner, especially for thin wall dry cylinder liner; Cylinder liner and the size of the hole position precision is crucial in the body; Third, related parts air filter and the quality of the nozzle, the fourth, our daily maintenance and maintenance of carter excavators, especially for the oil cleanliness and engine temperature control, is very important! So we carter engine overhaul must choose good cylinder liner, engine spare parts to install good also. If carter excavators of the original engine caused by long-term use can produce metal fatigue damage stiffness change enough or position accuracy, will make the new replacement of engine parts and cylinder liner surface can't be good fit hole surface, thus affecting the carter excavators of heat transfer in the cylinder liner, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring heat load is too high, speed up the carter excavators piston ring worse oil carbon deposit and snap ring, so in working status, will not be able to ensure that the piston, piston ring, cylinder liner, good sealing between the early oil will inevitably occur. Of the quality of air filter and carter excavators, also can seriously affect your carter excavators. Use inferior air filter, a chance to inhale large amounts of dust, rapid wear carter excavators surface of cylinder liner and piston ring, thus make the serious loss of piston ring elastic, sealing is good, causing a sharp drop in the performance of engine power, especially in very fine sand into the carter excavators piston ring, will be enough to strain in time in microseconds cylinder, piston ring and even speed makes carter excavators connecting rod fracture occurred, the consequences of the destruction of the body!
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