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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Carter excavators, high water temperature is a common fault, a lot of carter excavators use fixed number of year for a long time, there will be such a problem, of course as long as we maintain proper, carter excavators, high water temperature will be far away from me. Many carter excavators owners found that the water temperature is high, just pull the excavator directly to the repair shop. Pull a garage is right, but we must choose a man who knows how to maintenance of master, or repair is Bai Xiu. A carter excavators machine Lord because of the high temperature, the carter excavators to repair shop, to repair the master screen, the first screening carter carter excavators high water temperature is the cause of the tank was blocked by poplar maomao, rinse off. Owner is also very believe master at that time. Also in a driving wheel, and a cylinder of the hydraulic oil, so it spent 2000 piece of ocean, the master of the cost of maintenance is one thousand. Do a good job in the main drag carter excavators to fight on to the site immediately, who know do for half an hour the water temperature and high temperature, to stop work turn down carter excavators throttle wait for cooling, add that the water temperature alarm never shut down, and the damage to the machine is not what you want to. Water temperature is high again, and then asked the teacher, the teacher said disconnect the thermostat would be better, and then down. Dry for half an hour, and the high temperature alarm. At the time head all quick fry. There is no way, only the tank removed. The tear open come down to water tanks, have a look at the water temperature is not high to blame, and then went to got the special cleaning water tank cleaning. Carter excavators, high water temperature is not high must first rule out the wind leaf belt release, then the thermostat, radiator blockage severely, the last is the water pump, if the full screen or the water temperature is high, the only looking for a good technical maintenance teacher to check.
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