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by:HMB     2021-01-30
Weather is hot, we all know the open air conditioning sleep, open the fan to cool, go swimming in the water, wash a cool baths by cooling. But it is such a cool our drivers engine, the engine has a water tank, as long as the water tank is clean, and the cooling capacity can meet your drivers work in very poor working conditions, the engine won't appear the situation of the high temperature. If there is a high temperature, we will check the following several parts. Let's take a look at the inside of the tank water is clean, not clean, we changed it, to see if it is not clean, vice water tank, and a look at the inside of the pipe to see if there is the accumulation of stolen goods, the phenomenon of water pipes are broken or damaged. See if thermostat is bad, will replace a good inside the water tank is obstructed, filled with observation for a while to see if the water will reduce, the pump is also very important, and see if I can work normally, can't it changed quickly, or you will attract greater consequences. Carter drivers need replacing good carter accessories, not to buy carter accessories around. Check the pump no problem, have a look at our oil cooler is used too long, won't work properly. Carter drivers engine heat to check a lot of problems, serious to open check cylinder head gasket inside is bad sealing decrease water tank water or evaporated, so we must pay more attention to the drivers, as long as the good maintenance, drivers there won't be high temperature, the as long as the parts used for, there is nothing wrong with drivers!
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