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by:HMB     2021-01-30
Drivers on the diesel fuel and lubricating oil as our human blood, carter accessories - - Filter and our kidneys. Importance since is the kidney, that affirmation is self-evident, while the owner of these accessories - carter - The understanding of the filter is more and more deep, know to use inferior carter accessories can easily destroy expensive fuel injector, but few owners don't know the installation process is also very dangerous. Replace the accessories carter is very simple, but a lot of people in the process of this simple committed irreparable mistake, carter accessories - that's what we replaced - Internal filling oil filter filter well before using. When installing the carter accessories, actually the first internal fill oil is very common, both diesel oil filter and oil filter most people would do this. Oil filter before installing the practice of filling oil can also understand, because the new oil cleanliness is better, and the oil filter cannot manually exhaust, after filling oil can reduce the time of the access to their site of lubricating oil, protect the engine. But diesel filter if it is in this way to operate, will have the opposite effect. Old-fashioned almost all adopt mechanical pump fuel injection system of diesel engine, itself is not high to the cleanliness of the fuel requirement, coupled with hand pump displacement is small, lead to replace the filter after the exhaust is very difficult, so they invented the loading in advance from the exhaust of workaround. Only after entered the era of common rail engine, fuel system, especially the injector become very precise, it may cause a bit of a impurities expensive accessories accessories - - Injector scrap, but this time repair master replacement accessories carter still continue to use the loading methods, cause the unfiltered diesel fuel directly into the kidney, if the diesel particulate impurities, will directly lead to carter accessories - - Fuel injector wear damage!
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