Carter high quality replacement parts, carter to replace the piston, the engine four facilities, overhaul

by:HMB     2021-01-23
In such a low season is not weak in summer, our everybody the owner under the summer sun, driving the time limit for a project. In order to catch time limit for a project, the owner is open 24 hours a day drivers kept teacher take turns to work, but in such hot weather, if there is no air conditioning, drivers must be the master of boring machine can't stand, even can't stand the people, the drivers would be even worse! Close to motor drivers, get a free sweat evaporate, no air conditioning drivers, up to the cab, needless to say, the sweat evaporate, even a fat man went up to open a month can become thin man! Drivers are to be of rest, is also to maintain! There was a young man has a 330 b excavator carter, in order to catch time, cause the engine overhaul, because a small problem, lead to the overhaul. It was a lonely night, opaque, there is a comparable & other; Rolls-Royce & throughout; The luxury of drivers are finally do the work! Dry to the wee hours, suddenly hear the engine of his voice, only hear the sound of people talking, turned out to be the bad drivers. In the morning, we know that the high temperature lead to the engine cylinder, we asked drivers master, he told us, the carter excavators pump problems early in the morning, in order to catch time limit for a project so there is no change! Inside an engine cooling system that is very important, especially the water pump, no water pump, the engine will be high temperature, high temperature can cause the engine cylinder engine, and so on for other reasons, so carter excavators pump really is very important, we must protect the!
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