Carter high quality replacement parts, carter, carter piston, overhaul

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Every country in the high-speed development, especially in the construction machinery industry. The country's development speed, engineering machinery to the very big help. Our engineering machinery in technology also developed particularly fast. On carter excavators, hydraulic system is widely applied in the large machinery, such as hydraulic technology is one of the key technologies to realize modernization drive and control, the world of hydraulic give great importance to the development of industry, operating in carter excavators, often also can appear carter accessories hydraulic system temperature is too high. Carter excavators, hydraulic oil temperature is too high, can make the carter accessories produce thermal deformation, hydraulic components in the thermal expansion coefficient of different sports accessories carter stuck due to its smaller fit clearance, cause action failure, affect the transmission precision of hydraulic system, lead to carter accessories quality becomes poor. Hydraulic oil leak and lower viscosity increases, the volume of the pump efficiency and the efficiency of the whole system will be significantly reduced. As a result of the hydraulic oil viscosity is reduced, valve and other important parts of oil film thinning carter, frictional resistance increases, lead to carter parts wear, high temperature will cause the deformation of rubber seals, accelerated aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and using life, cause leakage. The main cause of carter excavator hydraulic oil temperature is high, the tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not enough, not installed oil cooling device, or is a cooling device but capacity is too small; Carter accessories precision insufficient and poor quality of assembly, relative movement between the mechanical friction loss; The mating parts fit clearance is too small, or use wear causes the clearance is too large, the internal and external leakage quantity is big, big volume loss caused.
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