Carter for gas engine water temperature plateau

by:HMB     2021-01-31
Carter for gas engine water temperature plateau & gt;>> Buy here caterpillar parts & lt; < <>>> To view more information on caterpillar excavator & lt; < < Carter excavators water temperature high fault common forms are: 1 excavator hot car idle speed, air conditioning compressor clutch suck off frequently, even break, cause hot car air conditioning not refrigeration. Excavator idle, 2 engine water thermometer display is too high, high-speed electronic fan work time is too long, the engine noise increases, when the temperature is too high to open air conditioning fault is most obvious. 3 excavators in high temperature air conditioning, unstable idle speed fluctuation is too big, nasty puny acceleration, engine sound. 4 when the excavator is cold air conditioning refrigeration temperature is very cold, hot car air conditioning refrigeration effect is not obvious; And air conditioning system with larger resonance humming sound. Five excavators thermal ignition ten minutes later, at startup is not easy to the car; Thermal driving car to shut down automatically. Carter excavators high temperature solution: 1 excavator maintenance air conditioning system in high voltage side high pressure is too high; Air conditioning refrigerant or air conditioning refrigeration lubricating oil filling too much; The internal debugging, the adjusting function of air conditioning compressor failure cause high pressure is too high; And the blockage of air conditioning condenser, the above failure will increase the load of engine, consumption of cooling system of heat dissipation performance, guide the failure of the water temperature is too high. 2 check between the condenser and the tank is too much dust, clean thoroughly with high pressure gas, ensure that the water tank and condenser have good heat dissipation performance. 3 excavator maintenance, check the temperature of water tank and conduit, if the temperature difference is too big, need to check the thermostat opening and have lost the revolution speed of pump failure. 4 excavator as antifreeze added when maintenance and replacement is not standard, will cause the engine waterways and water tank in advance jams, appear the phenomenon of the water temperature is high. After 5 hot car, check the antifreeze of recycle water return pipe at the top of the water storage tank, if the backwater not free or congestion causes the water temperature is too high. First of all for engine cooling. In general, high temperature is divided into high temperature and high oil temperature. The first high temperature: this may be the most headache problem to many JiaYou. Isn't that difficult, want to water temperature is not high, it may be no problem to do it. 1 to ensure the normal water cycle, water is not lack, thermostat open normally. 2 better heat dissipation, the clean water tank radiator is not blocked. Basic guarantee to the two points, the water temperature is not high.
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