Carter excavators direct injection and what are the differences between efi engine?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Carter excavators divided to di and efi type, so what is the difference between di and efi type? Dig under the elder brother come to share the difference between them, there are mainly four points: 1, is not the same as the opening of the throttle control field in a machine is composed of speed control, manipulation of the throttle opening is hand knob and artificial selection of dynamic form of switch to control the throttle opening, the whole structure is brief. Efi type launched machine detected by manipulating the following signals: the throttle opening rotating point of view, the form of power switch and a machine speed, rotating speed of pump pressure, the operating valve operation form of pilot control valve, excavator, and water temperature, oil temperature and other signals. Then, the computer ECU in accordance with the operation idea of drivers, according to the different forms of power and operation method, load and operating conditions to determine an optimal throttle opening position ( The best speed value by machine) 。 Together, the computer ECU can also control the throttle opening rate of change ( The throttle opening from a perspective transform to another point of view) An optimum function to initiate function. Type of ems launched machine, oil door opening electronic control has been launched by artificial selected switch is no longer a brief, it should know the characteristics of a machine robust and excavator operations load condition, the intelligent analysis, and choose the complex automation control, and demand depends on the software to complete most of the function. And then, after manipulation of the anatomy of disposal, announced the corresponding control signals, driving motor to the throttle and the opening of the throttle control operation. 2, injector open different di launched machine skills, commodity high residual value rate ( That the value of direct injection excavator eventually are used) The relative value. Defects because of diesel engine operation has a high speed, its fuel eruption time is very short, as long as per thousand in a few seconds, and throughout all the land of eruption in the process of high pressure oil pipe change with the change of pressure with time and azimuth, and because the compressibility of diesel and diesel in the high-pressure tubing pressure change, makes the practice of the fuel injection conditions and rules of the fuel injection pump plunger oil supply rules are very different. Sometimes, the pressure inside the tubing moved after the eruption, makes the pressure inside the high-pressure tubing will rise again, will let the injector needle valve to open again, will present the appearance of the secondary injection. We know that the secondary injection is impossible energetic burned off, and then increased emissions of hydrocarbons and smoke, then increase the fuel consumption.
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