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by:HMB     2021-01-27
First, I was an apprentice to a two months, say first drivers repair circuit, hydraulic pressure, chassis, the circuit is the most relaxed and clean, this can learn, hydraulic well is dirty, the key to the below, if you're going to learn chassis, so I tell you, this is the most dirty and tired maintenance of master, apprentice is a cheap Labour. Disk maintenance is also the most no technical content, chassis maintenance is two things: broken weld back, bad change. Actually these over will again, that is, a people are capable of living, in fact they know how to get their drivers the boss, but they abandon dirty tired, because you know, drivers are iron is particularly heavy, so they don't make, let us these chassis maintenance helpless pain, the chassis maintenance return they do long more skilled, because this was not repairable, namely a porter, we this one day return to 200, there is no holiday insurance ( This job is a little dangerous, flash to the waist is the norm) I feel 300 is too low. , of course, money is money, money in the boss's hand, and I have a with me to that guy, busy for two days to get a drivers, we are coming to the tired empty, almost up to come in the morning, now hand grip is painful, because drivers boss rush away, so give him do a good job in two days, the charge of more than ten thousand drivers, to get rid of more than two thousand materials, calculate the yourself, our wages and a less than 100 a day, for they all are the apprentice. Down on the bed to sleep every night, yeah, so what to be sure to ask before trim, chassis maintenance must not dry, even two or three years one month WuLiuQian again? A few years can you do? Drop a disease, after first waist all can not stand, to a two months I have to not less than five times flash waist, do not hold to really, I don't know what's the matter, to say it's only after repairing chassis, circuit boss also won't, my daily job is moving to move lifts, remove the unloading, every day in the hot sun dried off a layer of skin, alas, no certain stamina and strength, it is best not to try in this line. Conclusion: carter excavators accessories told readers here, what to do work is not easy, you may not want to do. Out of the top 360 line. What business we want to keep in mind that all the same, don't always think about how I can make a lot of money, what they were not worth money, how to make a lot of money? No other industry is very good to earn money. If you can't make money, make knowledge, earn less than knowledge, experience, won't make experience, making experience, these you have made is impossible to earn money. This is the struggle of the age, always think too much, doing too little, don't think much of a word is & other; Dry & throughout; 。
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