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by:HMB     2021-01-25
Engineering machinery although the surface looks very tough, but is actually very fragile internal components or problems if improper maintenance is easy. At present, a lot of people that existed in a lot of errors in the process of maintenance, which affects the normal use of engineering machinery. Therefore, sums up nine maintenance taboo, so all maintenance engineering machinery correctly. A careless butter, butter is the main function of lubrication and seal. So, some mechanic in the process of maintenance, will be in the cylinder MATS butter, think that this will increase the sealing performance of the diesel engine. However, it was wrong. Because, if the cylinder MATS butter, when the cylinder bolts tighten, there will always be part of the butter into the cylinder. Remaining in the external butter after affected by high temperature will cause cylinder gasket, cylinder head and the body plane between a certain gap, so it is to reduce the cylinder gasket sealing as it was. Second, never an oil change the oil in the role of engineering machinery is especially important, a lot of the repairman are seriously. They carried out in accordance with the standard requirement add completely. However, a lot of mechanic but forget to change oil of the oil quality inspection and replacement. Simply add without oil change for a long time, will make many parts of the engine work under lubrication poor environment, caused by the wear and tear is far above normal state. And, in the process of operation of diesel engine, a lot of dirt will enter into the oil, if no oil change for a long time, it is easy to cause accidents, such as burning tiles, holding shaft. Three, cylinder liner and piston products installed in combination is not a lot of mechanic at the time of maintenance, that new products should be standardized. So, when he faced the new cylinder liner and piston products are often don't see the specific size. This will cause a lot of cylinder liner and piston products do not form a complete set, when the largest piston cylinder with minimal size of the size, will make the clearance is too large, the compression. Four, the flame heating process of piston in the installation of piston pin should let the piston thermal expansion. A lot of maintenance personnel for the sake of convenience, direct heating put it in a fire. However, because the piston parts of its thickness is uneven, on the open flame heating will cause the uneven heating, finally is easy to cause deformation. So, the correct way of heating, it is should be of the piston into the hot oil for heating. Five, emery cloth, grinding bearing scraping tile is relatively high technical content of engineering machinery repair a work, a lot of mechanic because of their technology does not pass, will be in the process of scraping tile directly with abrasive cloth for grinding. However, in the process of using emery cloth polishing cloth sand on extremely easy to embed into the alloy, speed diesel engine shaft neck wear. Six, bolt tried to tighten in the process of construction machinery maintenance, actually not bolt screw tight the more safe. This is mainly because many parts for bolt torque are required. But, a lot of the mechanic doesn't think so, they will be as much as possible the screws into the tight, it is easy to cause the bolt wring, or screw thread slipping. Seven, tire pressure is too high for the process of pneumatic tires, a lot of mechanic does not pay attention to the tire pressure. It's easy to cause the summer construction vehicle the status of the flat tire. Eight, tanks bring to add cold water in engine overload operation, heat dissipation is not good, such as cases, can cause the condition of the water tank water boiled. Many mechanic's first reaction is to add water, but, if this time add cold water can cause the cylinder head and cylinder body burst, so this time should stop the engine first, after its natural cooling in the water. No measurement between nine, cylinder cylinder clearance, should be in the piston skirt is perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole measurements. However, a lot of mechanic at the time of measurement, because at that time do not pay attention to, is measured in the other direction. However, because its skirt profile is oval, so, the cylinder clearance is not equal. Carter drivers alternative suppliers
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