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by:HMB     2021-01-26
Liu to pounce, makes sleepless nights! In Beijing on November 1, 2017, jingdong limitless auto services strategy, thoroughly through auto after market brands, dealers, maintenance, the whole industry chain between consumers, form B2B2C closed loop. Is one of the most notable, liu announced that will build 100000 + repair shop, make its have smart forecasting, replenishment, the wisdom of the collaborative supply chain stores and the latest intelligence technology repair shop. To this kind of wisdom repair shop, liu was not talk! So far, jingdong auto supplies with more than 30000 stores across the country have reached cooperation. To the front of the Spring Festival, jingdong brand car service will open stores. A, the wisdom of liu repair shop and car repair shop now have what differentiation? Two words: how wisdom? Specifically, has the following four characteristics: 1, able to take advantage of big data, the characteristics and shopping consumer social behavior data unification, formed the efficient, accurate and safe database, establishing all kinds of car & other; Book & throughout; 。 2, based on a deep insight into the database information garage can be gained in the region of automobile maintenance with precision potential demand of users, and direct contact. 3, on jingdong auto service chain upstream of the B2B platform quickly find suppliers to purchasing products. 4, in the end, through the jingdong logistics system to complete delivery. In other words, jingdong will rely on for many years in the field of technology, retail, logistics accumulation ability of reconstruction after the car market of goods and information flow: jingdong order on phone, WeChat pay complete payment, jingdong store complete spare parts supply, jingdong logistics take a car to car. Because do not need to use all the big data access to information, using parts of jingdong proprietary platform, save a lot of cost, price, or will be a lot cheaper than a traditional auto repair store. A new model of online and off-line, big data + the new experience of logistics, or will the traditional auto repair sales model abuse to pieces. Second, finally someone is willing to change the car repair industry. Don't look down on the car repair industry: now, China's car ownership has more than 200 million vehicles, and is growing rapidly, and automobile service market is also a boom. Now, however, the auto industry after-sales service, was dissatisfied. Many car repair shop offline stores operating costs is high, price war intensified between peers, lead to a large number of users are not satisfied. Many car owners so often caught in a tangled & ndash; — Go to 4 s shop car to price not trust, afraid of being & other; Slaughter & throughout; ; To the side of the road repair shop and the quality is not assured, afraid of being & other; Black & throughout; 。 Due to lack of high quality competition, this kind of helpless, has not been thoroughly changed. At such times, only the crossover loot, to wake up those playing dumb! Today, jingdong this super big catfish. It in competition with the low quality of service in the repair shop, auto repair shop in some hang sheep head sell vinegar, pain to his bones reversed transmission they improve quality. Because of this, we embrace each business model to improve, welcome every cross-border innovation. Because only dare to move the old cheese, the pattern of new and better. Indeed, this time, we need more subversive! The emergence of the subversive, will make our lives more convenient, more beautiful! Source: brand thinkers carter drivers alternative suppliers
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