Carter CAT336D C9 engine original nozzle

by:HMB     2021-01-26
CAT336D is caterpillar 336 large excavator, digging bucket capacity of 1. 87 square, if do earthwork, can do more appropriate bucket, net power: 232 kw work weight: 36200 kg. Cat336D its characteristic is that the standard integrated intelligent science and technology, at the lowest cost to achieve the highest capacity. With unique functionality perfect match contractor's productivity and cost objectives. It USES efi C9 engine, oil demand is high, the oil well is easy to damage the engine nozzle. With lower fuel consumption to achieve high performance, a new generation of Cat excavator increase fuel efficiency could reach 15%. C9 engine using six nozzles, we have the original nozzle carter for the customer to choose, can also provide customers old nozzle, or recycled. The characteristics of the drivers is durable, carter, but less fuel consumption is higher, is a mine of choice, customers need to do the maintenance more at ordinary times, such as filter timely replacement, it is recommended to use the original filter, of course the cost is relatively high, but you can better protect the engine.
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