Carter C9 engine sound

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Abstract: in this paper, the 336 d drivers carter C9 engine engine suddenly sounded, the engine burning oil, walking on the right sometimes no, engine stalling four the cause of the problem to do the detail, and put forward the solution, for your reference. 【 Carter 336 d drivers C9 engine sound suddenly 】 Last year on May 13, caterpillar 336 d drivers in site work at night to the next day around zero, the engine suddenly appeared sound, the operator to immediately stop operation, after checking the decision back to base maintenance, in the process of inspection found one to five cylinder piston at the top of the many being beaten or ablation of small hole, the first cylinder combustion chamber inside the groove on the side of a small eye, with a green bean big around there is no the trace of hit by foreign body, moreover, the possibility of foreign body can play there is small. Between one and six cylinder liner, crankshaft, and the main shaft tile badly worn, fit clearance exceeds the limit, decided to overhaul of the engine, replacing the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, big and small tiles, crankshaft, etc. For other such as torque converter and the tensioning oil cylinder synchronization also repair and whole car paint, June 8, 2010 to complete the factory maintenance. 【 Carter 336 d drivers C9 engine burning oil 】 In July 2011 the bulldozers in another site operation, found that the phenomenon of engine oil burning, as the extension of time to burn oil phenomenon more and more serious, after inspection found that the turbocharger shaft gap is big, in the supercharger, after a short period of time change, the second day to burn oil is still serious, little change, on July 17 back to base to repair, the collapse of the fracture, found the first cylinder piston ring piston ring and cylinder liner wear ( Other cylinder liner wear) , it is the main cause of burning oil. Enter the base repair without the engine of the car down, each piston removed, connecting rod wear serious, due to the main shaft of the third, fourth block by beams, tile cover is not very good, only down respectively the second and the fifth tile examined, compared to normal wear and tear, and only at the ends of the up and down babbit layer of wear and tear, decided to continue to use, repair factory in August. 【 Carter walking 336 d drivers right sometimes no 】 On August 29, walking on the right, equipment parked automatic braking, start the engine rear brake, clutch engagement, there is something wrong with the steering clutch is suspected, the pressure difference on both sides of the 10 kg, should be equal on both sides of the normal pressure, back to the base maintenance, fittings in place on September 1, assembled at 11 PM. But in use process, the problem has not solved, 19 and will turn to operating valve back to base to repair, 20, debugging field loading steering, braking pressure, Rapid increase or decrease the throttle for many times, in the process of debugging the hydraulic changes) Appears, in the process of debugging, the engine sounded, the second cylinder bottom fracture from rotary spring seat, exhaust valve, replace returned to normal use. 【 Carter 336 d drivers C9 engine stalling, cannot start 】 Night 12 o 'clock, from night shift to about 50 meters from display devices, turn down, the engine stalling, can't start again, move the engine front end with a wrench, rotate the crankshaft always cannot turn the operator and maintenance personnel to the oil and water the next day for inspection found no abnormalities. Open back to base, the first ring is broken into two sections, the second cylinder 4 cylinder's first line of ring is broken into sections, the fourth main shaft and crank shaft adhesion together, is the main cause of the engine stalling, outside to send the crankshaft to processing test, crankshaft bending 50 silk, make their own adjustments, but the effect is not obvious, the spindle watts 75 yarn. In repairing major change, a piston, connecting rod 2 root, large and small each a set, a piston ring, cylinder head assembly ( Diesel channel and fuel injector hole between cracks) , worth about 13000 yuan.
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