Carter 336 d drivers C9 engine maintenance simple introduction of the process

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Carter 336 d drivers C9 engine maintenance process: ( For reference only) A, disassemble the engine assembly, carefully classified C9 engine assembly parts, avoid the loss of carter accessories missing, convenient and subsequent assembly. Clean engine parts, including cylinder block, cylinder head, oil pan, crankshaft and other parts, including engine parts, screws and so on all need cleaning, first clean up dirt, external use kerosene or other solvents, brush such as cleaning, use high pressure air gun after gas flushing, ensure engine parts parts clean and tidy, no impurity. This step is crucial, the repaired if carter engine contains too many magazines will increase engine wear and tear. Check the C9 engine parts accessories change needs to be repaired, and then to prepare high quality replacement parts. Cleaning maintenance field, prepare maintenance tools and carter C9 engine maintenance data. Ready to repair the lubricating oil must be used, such as: carter accessories for oil, butter, etc. After the above steps to prepare for work, follow these steps to maintenance personnel can officially to carter C9 engine maintenance assembly. To learn more information and maintenance knowledge, welcome excavator accessories maintenance experts pay attention to the public, to provide the most professional accessories and technical advisory service, make your device has a more lasting vitality! Second, engine assembly for cleaning after the installation of the oil cylinder body of nozzle, the nozzle mainly for piston spray lubricating oil, installation should pay attention to the nozzle position, screw fastening. Installing crankshaft tile bottom half, tiles part oil daub, the crankshaft tile installation using STD standards. All change the new connecting rod, the old tile existing different degree of wear and tear. Thrust tile butter, installed to the cylinder block, carter C9 is 2 piece thrust piece. Replace the new thrust tile. Using aerial crane hoisting shaft, crankshaft need oil daub, a convenient and subsequent installation need to rotate the crankshaft. For installing crankshaft crankshaft tile tile, daub oil, installed to the cylinder block and crankshaft. Crankshaft tile screw installation should follow from the middle to order successive tighten, on both sides of the bowl screw installation should follow the power of each 5 n pass and tighten in order, and the last time the power of reinforcement should be between 25 to 30 n. Because the engine is only maintenance for the first time, screw not to use life, and therefore do not need to change. After the installation, rotate the crankshaft with the hand, feel curved shaft flexibility. Installation of C9 engine cylinder section, this section for the carter C9 engine repair main replacement parts. Removed from the engine overhaul of synthetic load cylinder liner, cylinder block water jacket outside wall with a little oil, use the professional tools to cylinder pressure as a condition into the cylinder. Will be bad in cast steel piston head, piston here to pay attention to the open position of piston ring and piston ring facing problems, cooperate with cylinder liner piston ring gap is measured, full compliance with C9 parameters. Piston connecting rod assembly components, aluminum cast steel piston head and piston skirt, connecting rod and piston by the piston pin, snap ring, connecting rod copper set of assembled. Load connecting rod and connecting rod, connecting rod connecting rod adopts STD standards. Through professional tool into the cylinder, piston rod components when installation, must pay attention to the corresponding position of the main components of each piston connecting rod, connecting rod parts have labeled, don't drive to a consistent piston ring position, each open position should be staggered 120 & deg; 。 Carter C9 engine connecting rod using the most advanced pyrolysis technology, docking irregular occlusal surface. Tighten screw rod, connecting rod screw fastening must follow the order from middle to both sides of successive tighten, komatsu parts connecting rod bushings should follow 5 n strength additive tighten in sequence, as a condition for the last time the power of reinforcement should be between 25 to 30 n. Install the valve survive ( The top cup) , carter C9 engine top cup has a clamp, note CARDS tight when installation. Using professional tools before installing crankshaft oil seal, be sure to use professional tool with installation, before oil seal for oil leakage of common parts. Part in front of the cylinder body curve, the installation across the bridge, cooperate with the crankshaft gear, attention should be paid to the bridge here with the crankshaft tooth, tooth with two dot mark, bridge tooth has two dot mark, pay attention to the selection of the crankshaft gear and bridge concave and convex tooth match won't go wrong. Gear box installed, it should be noted here from C9 gearbox gasket overhaul package, and then coated with sealant, this will prevent the oil leakage. Install camshaft, and install camshaft lock plate under the camshaft gear, CAM shaft teeth with the bridge remaining the dot matching, is concave and convex to cooperate. Install the camshaft gear cover, cooperate with the camshaft gear cover pad and sealing glue, enhance its sealing. Install plug gear box lid sealing gaskets and sealing glue. Using professional tools after installing crankshaft oil seal, be sure to use professional tool with installation, after the oil seal for oil leakage of common parts. Install the flywheel shell, komatsu spare parts to apply sealant, between cylinder and card into the flywheel shell positioning pin, and reinforce the flywheel shell in diagonal reinforcement order screws, follow 5 n force reinforcement as a condition to 10 n.
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