Can't do in excavator need lubrication

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Excavator working places are often the environment is relatively poor construction site, by the use for a period of time of the excavator, should make the necessary maintenance and maintenance, to keep equipment in good technical condition. In equipment operation instruction, generally are filling lubricating oil for lubrication part drivers each detailed requirement, need to change in time after sealing ring wear. But in actual use condition survey found that some drivers maintenance personnel tend to ignore the above requirements. Several common mistake is: drivers have add oil, lubrication? Excavator works, moving parts and the environment temperature is different, also different to the requirement of lubricant, should according to the requirements from different type or different types of lubricant. Only with lubricant additives, necessary or required physical and chemical indicators of lubricant, can make the excavator to get good lubrication, not certain brand refueling at random is a bad thing. Drivers need lubrication? Add oil! ! ! ! Due to the workings of a excavator equipment parts and the differences in status, and for each oil filling quantity and charging ways and all lubricating points of fuel cycle all have strict requirements, such as driving and maintenance personnel should strictly carry out according to the requirement, and can't casually to excavator and adding oil, it is difficult to satisfy the lubrication requirement. Just spare seal put casually? The performance of the sealing ring material directly affect the use of the seal performance. However, due to the time of sealing ring contained more additives, long easy ageing. So save both to avoid the sun, but also to prevent the seal be affected with damp be affected with damp or heated, note also can't contact with acid, alkali substances, normal shelf life of not more than a year and a half. So will spare seal put casually. The drivers oil, change the sealing ring? Excavator hydraulic system, the fault is in most cases the oil seal failure. Sealing ring is elastic, Pressure) The sealing effect. After sealing ring installed, no oil pressure sealing ring of the elastic should be able to interface with preloading, sealing ring cross section should have a certain compression deformation; Oil pressure effects, it is pressed into the groove on one side of the sealing effect. Replace the sealing ring, must be in strict accordance with the instruction to choose the same size of the sealing ring, otherwise cannot guarantee seal the appropriate pressure tightness requirements, etc. At the same time should pay special attention to: no seal, used by the application of old and new seal ring should also carefully check the quality, after confirming that no bump, defects such as cracks and grooves, holes and make sure there is enough elastic rear can use. Drivers found oil, so so change the sealing ring is sure to spoil the broth. Good sealing ring type, set on line? To replace the sealing ring, should be to open any part of the hydraulic system clean, strictly and fight dirty oil impurities mixed in the hydraulic system. Seal ring installation it is best to use a special tool to prevent metal will ring even fingernail scratches. Will never allow the sealing ring directly set of thread parts, special circumstances master maintenance should be homemade improvised equipment or application of plastic film cover the thread parts, and outside the installation tools or membrane coated with clean the same model of hydraulic oil. “ On line & throughout; That is essentially no good. Hydraulic oil dirty, pour out in new! Has rancidity deterioration of hydraulic excavator, in addition to oil, hydraulic system and hydraulic oil, lubricating oil can be used more. In the hydraulic oil is mixed with metal particles, after precipitation and filter can also be reused. Pollution of heavy oil in excavator after simple treatment, can be used for other rough machining equipment lubrication and outdoor equipment rust, or the waste oil collecting tax for the use of waste oil regeneration, which can save energy. Purchase a new oil while convenient has polluted the environment, in violation of the principle of sustainable development of. Adding more lubricating oil, have good drivers? Excavator equipment operation of the site structure and usage decision pitted, usually in excavator operation instruction has a clear rules and requirements. Excavator maintenance should be according to the operating instructions or oil dipstick and Windows or equipment configuration of oil the right amount to complement, such as the mark too much filling of lubricating oil, offered no protection for excavators have hurt instead. Drivers on the lubricating oil, drivers work fast? This is a conceptual understanding erroneous zone, only fuel directly to participate in the work. Excavator on lubricating oil, generally refers to the lubricating oil to the movement of the friction gap between each other, with oil filled convex, and maintain a certain thickness of lube film, separated from reaching the surface of the friction pair two touch each other, reduce the friction resistance, reduce wear and cooling parts and sealing role. Please visit more excavator maintenance information
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