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Buying the Right Hydraulic Breaker for Your Machine

Buying the Right Hydraulic Breaker for Your Machine


   In recent years, the hydraulic breaker market has developed rapidly, and more and more hydraulic breakers have appeared on the market. Different models and different tools make it particularly difficult to choose the one that suits you. Yantai Jiwei has summarized four points of experience to determine the breaker that is suitable for consumers. By choosing the hydraulic breaker and tools that are suitable for you, you may get greater success.

   Hydraulic breaker technology is constantly being developed and improved, which not only improves work efficiency, but also successfully reduces various costs while maintaining high quality. It can also be used for multiple purposes. Technology and versatility mean that when choosing a hydraulic breaker There are more choices. Of course, if the hydraulic breaker you need is working in a special working environment, that means you have to choose a more professional hydraulic breaker to ensure a longer service life.

         Next, based on the following four points, you can easily select the hydraulic breaker suitable for your excavator.

1.Working environment and tasks

  Simply choose a large hydraulic breaker for demolition work, the result is bound to be unsatisfactory. You should consider the size of the object you want to demolition and the harshness of the working environment to determine the size of the breaker. Do not crush the rock smaller than necessary. This will reduce the possibility of general wear and tear of the crusher and prevent the excess product produced by the crusher from flooding the crusher. In this way, the hydraulic breaker you choose must be very ideal, and the project must be successful.


2.Choose the right tool for the job

  Practice has proved that the life of hydraulic breaker depends on the correct tool for the type of work performed. If you want to extend the life of your hydraulic breaker, then you must choose a suitable blunt tool. For example, blunt tools are most suitable for most large damages. Because it can better locate and transmit shock waves. Not all tools are suitable for every breaker model, so be sure to choose a breaker that can accept the most common tools. In general applications, operators generally tend to use blunt tools and chisels. The heads of these two hydraulic breaker tools are distinctly different, providing the best performance for managing boulders and other larger materials in the early stages of mine and quarry operations.

3. Avoid blank firing

  One of the behaviors that extremely damages hydraulic breakers is blank firing. After realizing this problem, many manufacturers of rock breakers have improved their breaker technology, hydraulic cushions are used at the bottom of the cylinder bore to restrain the movement of the piston. Protect the hammer from metal-to-metal contact, avoiding the possibility of premature damage to various components. Therefore, when choosing a hydraulic breaker, choose a hydraulic breaker model with standard packaging blank-firing technology to significantly increase the life of the breaker.

4.Choose a hydraulic breaker with a protective shell

  Be sure to choose a hydraulic breaker with a protective cover. The closed breaker design (fix the breaker in the protective shell) can also extend the life of the breaker accessories. The shell design can not only reduce noise, but also protect the power battery from damage. It can also prevent dust and debris from entering the casing and destroying the performance of the breaker. The suspension also reduces vibration and improves operator comfort.

5. Insist on auto-adjusting impact

  When adjusting the stroke of the hydraulic breaker, the operator can change the relevant frequency according to the material to be broken. The use of sensors that can sense changes in the hardness of the material can automatically increase the transmission speed, and can also adjust the impact energy and striking speed, thereby reducing harmful energy back to the user. By choosing a hydraulic breaker with automatic transmission function, productivity and profitability can be improved.


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