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by:HMB     2021-01-16

engineering machinery of the downturn, many people chose to buy second-hand excavator to work, so if you don't understand the second-hand excavators, those factors determine the price of second-hand excavators? Excavator collar manufacturers give you fine today to share some experiences.

a year, production

this is a preliminary can determine the price of second-hand excavator, but a lot of second-hand equipment is often you can change the date, this is a big error point; Many buyers are unlikely to recognize. Bushing manufacturer told you! At least 12 - in a digger - 36 in place to identify the year, because most of excavator is assembled, each parts to purchase from other factories, so will have a year label on each parts, with a little attention friend can observe; This is an identify date tips.

2, working hours bushing manufacturer

some reaction was working hours can be adjustable table! Right, as long as it is electronic products, there is no you can't change things; So this can only be used as a reference, not as the dominant; But are the details of the working hours can pass some of the other details also can see! Such as caterpillar chain plate and chain bar is easy to see in these places; And listen to the sound of the engine, which is not professional Lao shifu is difficult to discern; Each cylinder of engine sounds are different, interested friends can study, it is learned in the army a little experience, imagined later can use excavator to cylinder.

3, the inside of the chain bar bushings

bushing manufacturer didn't come today and take pictures, or more detailed below! It is easy to be ignored, the personnel is not easy to change the place! It must try to touch with the hand, otherwise you will not know the real use of the chassis.

4, the crack of the door seam

this is easily neglected when painting, especially not original factory produce, as long as it is in the maintenance man on often to do spray paint effect is not good. Very clear you can see it. Actually exterior paint the influence of the rectification is not big, but in the second when sales but there will be a price discount greatly.

5, hydraulic system maintenance

the engine and hydraulic pressure is the heart of the whole equipment, must be careful; But the engine is relatively easy to repair, and hydraulic parts is a big problem; Excavator knows that as long as it is exposed to, once the hydraulic pump is opened, want to like Japan that closely packed is very difficult a process. And now many people will use some glue after open the hydraulic pump, it is not easy to see whether been overhaul.

6, working condition of use

this believe know, mine used equipment must be used than plain price is much lower. If some equipment with same vintage model and the price is quite different from the price, it must pay more attention to; Mine working equipment quickly look at a version of the chassis to tell.

7, domestic or imported, Domestic, euro, Japanese version)

a lot of fraud in some cities now a lot of the south, tend to be preparing a complete after the domestic second-hand equipment, and then in a few more hours of maritime transport mix a customs declaration form, and then sold at original installation import; Bushing manufacturer list like komatsu design of the equipment is the euro, Japan and domestic three kinds of specifications, the same three kinds of specifications of the price gap between big; Many people think that the quality of the euro is better than homebred? In fact this is a big mistake, euro equipment to much time than domestic, and the one who don't understand is often buy expensive!

these tips as long as the master! Believe you when buying second-hand excavators must not be deceived; Today it's a pity that is no time to prepare the corresponding pictures, due to weather conditions cause the mistake; Want to know more friends can communicate with bushing manufacturer, willing to share with you.

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