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by:HMB     2021-01-13

the good and evil people mixed up second-hand excavator market, carelessly is likely to buy & other; A refurbished machine & throughout; What details, but need to pay attention to in the process of buying, excavator parts manufacturer to tell you:

1. Age

no matter what to buy equipment, first of all, through all sorts of details to identify the age; Age is a device of the value of the primary factor, is one of the important factors; So there are many kinds of: to identify the age of nameplate to see Numbers, for example, excavator parts tube the vintage date on the road, walking motor and so on. On a device is able to see the detail on the age of a few, many is a dozen or even several dozens.

2。 Engine state

engine water deep in excavator maintenance, can overhaul can cope with; But both the maintenance method. Excavator accessories manufacturers think that even if you took a mechanic to, to just fix the engine, he couldn't recognize have a problem or other circumstances, this is all a matter of an experience, and through the details see a problem.

3。 Rotary system

there are many kinds of way, slewing mechanism of maintenance simple a small example, such as excavator parts rotary ring, as long as you lift the whole machine, add sawdust + sand inside, can maintain the turntable is not sound, this method can maintain 2 - probably Four months; This is just one of these very small maintenance method, of course there are many methods of maintenance problems.

4。 Hydraulic system

excavators more to see is the hydraulic system, in particular, if the hydraulic pressure is bad, you put the car back the work strength, so buy it good? And excavator attachments of hydraulic system is more complex, and this can only be simple, more maintenance methods and techniques in a future article can gradually.

5。 Visible to the naked eye wear

through the use of the appearance of the paint can identify the equipment condition, as well as the use of regional; Even the extent of the damage, etc. This requires experience, need professional help. Other places are: electronic systems, walking excavator parts of motor and so on, as well as the certificate of approval and the authenticity of a tax bill, these are all factors of buying equipment;

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