Buy excavator accessories matters needing attention

by:HMB     2021-01-20

once bought a digger, operators need to carefully read the product manual, understand the excavator parts and performance. What's more, practice is more important. Below is the relevant basic knowledge.

1。 Excavator operation technology

first of all, the operator should observe the surrounding environment before operation. Especially for excavator parts rotating procedures, operating personnel should be clear site around obstacles and terrain. Make sure the direction before and after avoid skip excavator. In order to improve the stability of the excavator, the operator shall ensure that the excavator parts caterpillar tracks across the contact.

2。 of effective digging force

when the bucket teeth of least resistance and the ground 30 & deg; 。 When using excavator parts bucket rod, operators should ensure that the Angle of the arm from the front of 45 & deg; And 30 & deg; 。 Use swing arm and bucket at the same time improve the mining efficiency.

3。 Mining excavator

if scoop mining rock directly, will cause serious damage to the excavator accessories. In order to successfully mining rock, should adjust the position of the excavator according to direction of the cracks of the rock.

4。 Excavator is flat and level ground

when excavator machine is used to smooth the ground should be flat on the ground, as far as possible to prevent the vibration of the excavator parts. Coordinated control of swinging arm and arm, control its speed is critical.

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