Bushing manufacturer to excavator stall screening method

by:HMB     2021-01-21

in excavator operation process, quenching is one of the more common fault, so, why will shut down? How to screen repair again? Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve manufacturers think excavator stall common faults mainly has four kinds:

1, automatic engine flameout, remove from heat;

2 high load, excavator, suppress ignition;

3, excavator after stalling the engine can't start;

4, excavator engine at low speed is easy to stall.

among them, the automatic flameout and suppress ignition are common forms of two kinds of failure. Shaft sleeve manufacturers think it is interesting to note that stall fault categories is not too much, but the cause of stall is abnormal, mainly include:

1, excavator lack of fuel tank;

2, excavator oil or fuel pump failure;

3, poor quality fuel oil or not clean;

4, high fuel moisture content;

5, oil supply is not smooth;

6, fuel oil leakage;

7, engine lubrication bad;

8, fuel pump drive shaft fracture;

9, engine shaft tile burning;

10, large resistance of the engine intake, feed is blocked;

11, hydraulic system problems: the pump pressure is too large;

12, control system receives the signal error;

13, nozzle spray oil length is not up to standard;

14, there is something wrong with the filter;

15, seal damage;

16, hydraulic pump and engine power do not match;

17, improper adjustment valve lever or wear;

18, oil cut-off valve internal coil damage;

19, pressure limiting valve holes were blocked; scrap iron, oil

20, stall for many reasons, so more attention should be paid to the screening of the excavator stall fault maintenance.

the following is a bushing manufacturer of excavator stall troubleshooting and maintenance steps:

1, to check whether the lack of gas oil

how about use of fuel moisture content;

oil best buy in accordance with the requirements, and with the models match engine.

2, oil pressure, water temperature and other instrument is normal

judge whether parts fit clearance or improper operation resistance is too large;

or whether it is because of the high temperature piston cylinder sticking or bearing shaft.

3, check whether the engine fuel pump drive shaft is normal

check engine idle spring assembly, oil pipeline and valve lever, and so on are in good condition;

check whether the pressure limiting valve is blocked;

engine lubrication condition.

4, check the power of excavator hydraulic pump and motor power is matching

check engine fuel supply system, drainage pipe is blocked;

any leak or spill;

element binding, have become dirty;

oil-water separator drain carries no tight;

the hydraulic oil filter have blocked by dirt, etc.

the above is the most comprehensive excavator stall screening program, because the cause of the problem a lot, don't recommend new check list, so as not to cause unnecessary loss! If you need original authentic accessories, please choose sleeves!

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