Bushing manufacturer small make up sharing: excavator maintenance tips before return to work

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Outbreak did not retreat, and part of the project are not to return to work. To prepare for the return to work, completes the excavator maintenance. Bushing manufacturer small make up today to share excavator recovery of the main valve sound, is what reason.

if at home for excavator maintenance try, excavator bucket recycling and the main valve sound. Bushing manufacturer small make up take you to analyse the reason: the excavator arm of force, the greater the noise, the greater the main valve. The excavator arm voice and the collection of the same voice. The voice of the mining machine Lord valve should be safety relief valve open voice. Or you can replace the relief valve needle valve. If you only hear the sound when retracted forearm, the estimate fault out of the oil return circuits of the main valve. Can check the reverse flow of throttle valve. Check pump pressure before and after the check, check the water pressure, remove the main pump check for wear? No wear, whether to continue to check backflow wear? Don't wear, measuring the pressure of main pump, check whether there is main pump inlet port? If there is air, may cause abnormal excavation of main pump noise.

collar small make up share digging bucket receive sound check method: at work, please listen to the voice of next to the main control valve. If not the voice of the butter, the voice is the main relief valve opens. In general, when start refueling, the oil temperature is low, especially in digging depth is greater, because at this point, the big arm bucket rod of oil cylinder oil quantity is small, but have a role. A lot of pressure oil flow to the bucket cylinder. Bucket hydraulic cylinder is very thin, small amount of oil. At this point, the oil demand is small, can make the main safety valve relief valve such as frequent open, release the pressure of excess.

frequently open hydraulic system is mainly due to the general adjustment has a certain lag, and the immediate release of pressure after the core position. Major hazard is damage to the main relief valve and other relief valve cone. Avoid method: soft operation, fast to avoid lever action, waiting for the high oil temperature. Digging bucket with audio, may lack the butter. Above is the collar small make up summarize some of the excavator maintenance way, hope to be of help.

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