【 Bushing manufacturer 】 Frequently focus on intelligent manufacturing, development and reform commission released the signal?

by:HMB     2021-01-20

【 Bushing manufacturer 】 In less than a week, the National Development and Reform Commission industrial department held two seminars, respectively, were related to intelligent manufacturing. The release of the signal?

industry of the National Development and Reform Commission on Tuesday held the intelligent manufacturing panel, designed to better promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, power transform and upgrade traditional industry in China. Meeting to listen to the relevant industry associations, consultancy, backbone enterprises, and the views of the park. The participating experts introduced a new round of industry change trend of intelligent manufacturing technology development, industry development at home and abroad, standard test certification system construction and key enterprise operation situation, around the intelligence development of manufacturing industry and traditional industry intelligent reform carried out in-depth discussion, put forward the using intelligent manufacturing technology to speed up the traditional industries to upgrade the relevant policy recommendations.

in the last week, the National Development and Reform Commission industrial company organized a industrial robot business symposium, to pay special attention to 'strengthen the key competitiveness of manufacturing industry to implement the action plan for three years and the intelligent robot key technology industrialization implementation plan of the implementation of the work, including the Chinese alliance, state detection and evaluation of robots, robot industry and siasun, ella, delft, tu from industrial robots.

in the meeting, & other; Companies introduced in 2018, production and sales as well as to the next stage of market judgment, common the development and manufacture of industrial robots is studied, and the downstream industry application. ” One enterprise participating told collar, some enterprises also puts forward the opinion of the next step to guide the healthy development of the industrial robot.

recently, and intelligent manufacturing related meetings were presented. In mid-november, the artificial intelligence in venture investment service union, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly organized by innovation drive development of artificial intelligence and the real economy integration development experience XuanJie will be held in Shanghai, in order to encourage all kinds of artificial intelligence enterprises to actively explore the new road of integration development. Conference, Thomson technology, kuang depending on science and technology, the Cambrian, intelligent technology, triangle beast, intelligent YunKe fast storehouse, fluent in English, said companies such as introduced their experiences. Investment and combined guide fund investments such as artificial intelligence is introduced in the paper industry.

' Intelligent manufacturing is certainly trend of manufacturing industry, is a direction of promotion of the transformation of traditional industries. Ahead of the new industrial revolution will be robots, 3 d printing, big data, cloud accounting, Internet of things, a blend of smart materials and many other advanced skills. ” Asian manufacturing association executive Luo Jun said.

bushing manufacturer notice in recent years, intelligent manufacture in our country is developing rapidly. Only in intelligent traffic, for example, according to figures from the Wind, super six into wisdom traffic concept company three quarterly reports & other; Red & throughout; Three quarterly net profit, including 14 companies ( Buckle not) Growth rate of more than ten percent over the previous year, and good technology, qiming information, wisdom, energy, science and technology of one thousand companies profit more than one hundred percent. 【 Bushing manufacturer 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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