Bulldozers shovel knife does not improve the fault analysis and daily maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Bulldozers shovel knife not to ascend, is the teacher in the process of operating bulldozers construction, often met the problem, here we will help you to analyze the solution to this problem. Hydraulic oil deterioration, impurities, block or hydraulic pipe can not meet the job requirements. Transmission medium of clean and effective, is the foundation of the system to work normally, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, not only can not meet the requirements, the system pressure and corrosion, the sealing damaged parts. Within the oil cylinder oil seal failure, cause the system pressure relief. Distributing valve valve core and make the system the oil to flow back to the fuel tank. Overflow valve normally open, the work of oil from the relief valve flow back into the tank. Hydraulic pump failure, causing the output pressure is too small. Strictly carry out operation procedures and avoid impact pressure. During lifting, pushing the work operation, such as shovel, tilted movement must be smooth and accurate, avoid too hard and too fast, so suddenly open or close pump hydraulic cylinder or work institutions such as the oil in and out of the mouth of a pressure impact, led to increasing by damage of oil seal, high pressure pipeline rupture, loose coupling, even make the overflow valve for instantaneous open ambassador valve core is stuck, internal leakage occurs, unable to work, shorten service life. Keep the hydraulic oil clean, to control pollution. In the control of solid particle pollution at the same time, should prevent such as water, air, chemicals into the hydraulic oil: (1) the bulldozer hydraulic tank must be closed, pay particular attention to the cap ( Filler) To clean; (2) when using special refueling refueling barrels or tankers, banned all kinds of oil products at the same time using the same refueling device, sealed after use clean store at the same time, prevent the pollution of filling process; (3) periodically check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level in the hydraulic oil oxidation, white or excessive impurities, should be replaced in a timely manner, and cleaning tank and piping, replace the filter. Daily work process, observe the oil temperature, pressure, sound, etc. , check the fasteners, pipe joint and presence of looseness, deformation, pay attention to the hydraulic cylinder, working pump, distributing valve, relief valve, etc. Of the original vibration, oil spill, rotation, and so on and so forth an exception should be timely maintenance, don't work in spite of illness.
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