Bucket teeth of different manufacturing process

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Bucket tooth excavator is a necessary part of the equipment, and its application effect, for the application of the excavator, will produce very big effect. In the context of this kind of product itself, made from different process, there are different in every respect. Sand casting process of manufacturing: some bucket teeth at the time of manufacture, USES a sand casting process. Products made of this kind of process, need relatively cost is very low, so the quality of products, such as function also is not particularly high relatively. Forging and casting manufacturing: made of forging and casting dipper teeth, costs are high sand casting process product, relatively products made of this process will have more advantages in terms of quality. Made in precision casting process: the manufacture process of dipper teeth, relatively moderate in every aspect, that is to say the cost of manufacturing cost is moderate, made of the quality of the products are in medium. But as for the application of this kind of process, for the product using the raw materials have very strict requirements.
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