Bucket axis: excavator driver must pay attention to these!

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Excavator driving homework not only can drive mechanical operation, note also the environment. Bucket axis to summarize some excavator driving some parts need to be aware of for your reference. 1) Excavator operations forbid anyone to upper and lower excavators and transfer goods, no operation and maintenance, don't adjust the engine ( Governor) As well as the hydraulic system, electric control system; Pay attention to the selection and create a reasonable operation, it is forbidden to cut hole digging.

2) Excavator discharge shall be carried out after being dump truck stopped; When discharging without any part of a crash dump truck, should be days and reduce the bucket height; The forbidden bucket from across the above tip truck cab. 3) It is forbidden to use the bucket smash solid objects; If large stones or hard object, bucket axis Suggestions to clear before they continue to work; No excavation by blasting in level 5 over the rocks. 4) It is forbidden to excavator layout within the period of upper and lower two mining operations at the same time; Excavator to mobile in the working face should be level off the ground, and remove the obstacles in the channel. 5) Prohibit using jacking excavator bucket cylinder full out method. Bucket excavator cannot do without leaves the ground, or rotary motion.

6) Ban with mining motor arm horizontal dragging his content; Hydraulic excavator cannot use impact method for mining. 7) Excavators in rotary movement, not to the operation of the rotary handle for the opposite direction. 8) Drivers should be aware of the excavator operation situation, found that unusual should immediately stop check, and timely troubleshooting. 9) In excavator operation, during operation, shaft advice often should check whether the hydraulic oil temperature is normal. 10) Excavators in electrical wiring, in the operation of the interchanges, Bridges, know the situation and then through the designated persons command when necessary; Excavator and the distance of the high-voltage wire shall not be less than 5 m; Bucket axis remind should as far as possible avoid walking backwards.

11) The movable arm excavator runtime should be parallel to the walking mechanism, turntable should lock, bucket from the ground 1 m or so. Downhill running low gear, should be used when the unsymmetry glide is prohibited. 12) Excavator walk route should keep enough distance with slope, ditches, foundation pit, to ensure safety; Across the low-grade vehicle should be used when the soft area, ground when necessary the use of wood, stone, etc.

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